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West Coast FM started broadcasting in 2006 and from humble beginnings it has grown into what it is today – a successful commercial radio station broadcasting primarily in Swakopmund (107.7FM), and in Walvisbay (106.9FM). Based on a broadcast model that focuses on music format, the choice was made to go with Adult Contemporary. This music format is described as easy listening, middle of the road, “feel good” music which we found to be most suited for a relatively small population group consisting of a diversely broad demographic profile. Not one of these demographics profiles are big enough to be commercially viable on its own hence the broader approach.

WCFM has evolved into what can only be suitably called a “Communication Company”. On-Air content is expanded onto Social Media and other platforms to extend the “life-span” of content with unique imaging created for easy reference on these platforms. Interaction Stats for these can then easily be tabulated and disseminated and provided to clients for “real-time” feedback.

WCFM is available in FM Stereo within its broadcast area, on “live” streaming and TuneIn Radio for the rest of the world. We also have our own app that can be downloaded from Apple iStore or Android Play Store. (search: West Coast FM)

We are focussing on Adult Contemporary Mondays-Thursdays aimed at that “feel good” approach. Friday’s are dedicated to “Old Skool” music to celebrate the impact of this era, on music – particularly the impact this era had on music of today. This is primarily disco music from the late 70’s and the 80’s. Saturdays we venture into other “feel good” genres with a high energy focus to tie in with our “Outside Broadcasts” and the general “out-and-about” mood that goes with Saturdays. Sunday we tone it down to Ballades and Jazz for a perfect, smooth finish to the weekend.

Keeping in touch with world trends we are introducing the concept of “Listener Driven Radio” (LDR). This concept is aimed at interacting with listeners on various platforms including sms, social media, website etc. and playing what they request via these mediums. The music played would then be our listener’s choice and not that of the Station.

The latest research shows there are seven (7) main competitors in the Erongo Region that broadcast mainly in English and Afrikaans (Vernaculars excluded). WCFM is topping this list with more than 90% of its listeners being English and Afrikaans proficient apart from having the most listeners in this group at the Coast. Audiences of WCFM are primarily located in Swakopmund and Walvisbay – the economic hubs of the Erongo Region. This results in a “cleaner/dedicated” audience as they work and live here. Travellers to the region would have their preference based on listening options available en-route and in other regions.

The WCFM listener is typically LSM: 5-8 bordering on LSM 9, with age groups between 25-45 years of which about 47% is Female and 53% is Male. They are economically active with disposable income mainly employed in the administrative, service and manufacturing sectors and about 70% owning their own vehicle. WCFM broadcasts in English (The National Language) and Afrikaans (The most understood Language in Namibia).


“live” Broadcast time-slots are set at 3x hours per slot starting from 06H00-18H00 with our prime times’ being 06H00-09H00 (The Breakfast Show on WCFM), 12H00-14H00 (Lunch) and our afternoon Drive Time with #326 on WCFM between 15H00-18H00 Monday to Friday.

Programming is aimed at providing local, relevant, topical information of the Region with highlights covering the rest of the country. It provides for 4x 5 minutes “Talk/Interview” time which facilitates the platform for more interaction between the market and our audience without compromising too much on our “More Music – Less Talk” motto. Interviews of 20 minutes can then be broken up into 5 minute topical issues from 1 client providing information in “bite” size with normal programming in-between.

Our Programming covers topics like Health & Beauty, Finance, Grooming, Safety, and Security to anything in between. Time slots are designed to provide for the opportunity to disseminate every topic that is relevant to our Audience. This allows us to have between 60-70% local content

Our News Bulletins are scheduled at 07H00, 07H30 and 08H00 in the morning, 12H00, 12H30 and 13H00 during lunch and at 17H00 during our drive-time show. In our endeavour to be relevant within our broadcast area we cover, as a rule up to 2x local/Erongo Region based stories, 1x National and 1x African/International news item focussing on the “feel good” angle rather than the gruesome or gloom & doom angle. This format again allows us to carry up to 75% local content.


Generic advertising is available on WCFM for 30” or more per spot in Prime Time and Non-Prime Time. Interviews are available in 5-Minute segments (1x per every 15 minute slot). Ideally an interview would be broken up into 5 minute topics to be spread over an hour (4x 5 minutes). Tailor-Made campaigns will involve social media and other platforms including Outside Broadcasts. In order for us to analyse the Communication Needs of our clients properly we always recommend having a one-on-one meeting before we propose any course of action. This allows us to provide potential clients with an appropriate communications solution that will not break the bank.

We have a very capable production studio doing anything from recording interviews to producing fully fledged radio advertisement – at a modest fee of course. We also accommodate “product/service activations”

WCFM is actively involved in the community with various partners including the Swakopmund Municipality dealing with issues that range from shack fires, environmental concerns, animal concerns, social upliftment etc. Although we operate commercially, our on-air content is deeply rooted in our community whom ultimately forms part of our listener base.

WCFM has successfully brought to existence the highlight of the corporate/social calendar at the coast: The WCFM Corporate Sundowner. This event is hosted every last Friday of the month with its main objective is to bring together businesses at the coast to socialize and network thereby stimulating the regions commercial activities. We provide the opportunity for any business to “host” the event providing the opportunity to show-case their premises, products and services on offer. The event has grown to be a sought after opportunity with “bookings” for the opportunity already confirmed in advance. At a minimal booking fee this is the perfect opportunity for a product/service/venue launch.

WCFM hosts the annual WCFM/HOLLARD MTB Cycling Challenge (Easter) and the annual SRT/WCFM/TEAM MS Golf Day every November